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Shot on the Panasonic VariCam 35: DP David Herrington brings dark realism to Netflix’s "Frontier". Full story
The Panasonic VariCam 35/LT has two native ISO settings: 800 and 5000. This achieves very high sensitivity while maintaining a low noise level at 5000 ISO. Here are some clips shot at ISO 5000.

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Panasonic VariCam LT
VariCam LT
The VariCam LT's features superb image handling in multiple formats ranging from pristine 4K, UHD, 2K, HD and ProRes capture formats making it an unparalleled tool for high-end filmmaking, commercials, episodic production and live 4K events. More

Arri Alexa Mini
ARRI ALEXA Mini, a versatile additional tool in the ARRI ALEXA camera range that combines a compact and lightweight form factor with the same unparalleled image quality that has made the ALEXA system a gold standard for the industry. Designed for specialized shot-making, the ALEXA Mini perfectly complements a full ALEXA shooting kit and allows crews to eliminate the complications of working with third-party cameras by keeping everything within a single system that is trusted all over the world. More

Panasonic VariCam 35/HS
Panasonic VariCam 35/HS
Building on the esteemed VariCam® legacy of breathtaking image rendition and versatile off-speed effects. Panasonic offers two VariCams, one a 4K camera (VariCam 35) that incorporates a newly-developed super 35mm MOS image sensor; the second, a 2/3" camera (VariCam HS) that features high-speed 1080p image capture of up to 240fps to produce extraordinary high-definition imagery for the most demanding documentary, sports or SFX slow-motion applications.. More

Fujinon Cabrio 20-120mm
NEW Fujinon 20-120mm Cabrio / T3.5
Now at Cinema Shot. The PL 20-120mm Cabrio XK (XK6x20) features an exclusive detachable servo drive unit, making it suitable for use as a standard PL lens or as an ENG-Style lens. The XK6x20 also features flange focal distance adjustment, macro function, and is LDS (Lens Data System) and /i metadata compatible. With a 20-120mm focal range, weight of only 2.9kg including servo motors, a T Stop of T3.5. More

NAB 2017 Panasonic NAB 2017
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Teradek Bolt Pro 2000
Teradek Bolt Pro Series
The Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 increases the line of sight range all the way up to 2000ft and also comes in HDMI, 3G-SDI and dual I/O models. The 2000 model includes every feature found on the Bolt Pro 600 and can be outfitted with high gain antennas for increased range and resiliency.
USB 3.0 GRAB Engine Capture cards are a thing of the past with Teradek’s new GRAB Engine. Every Bolt RX includes a USB 3.0 output that allows you to ingest Bolt’s uncompressed video feed directly into a computer or DIT cart with no added delay.
Zeiss LWZ3 21-100mm

Zeiss LWZ3 21-100mm Lens
The new ZEISS Lightweight Zoom LWZ.3 21-100 mm/T2.9-3.9 T* zoom lens (ZEISS LWZ.3) offers you superior image performance in any imaginable shooting situation. Whether you’re shooting a short film, TV movie, commercial, corporate video or TV drama, soap or high-end documentary under the most difficult conditions, the ZEISS LWZ.3 is a powerful, handy and trustworthy companion on the front of your camera. More

Canon Compact Servo

Canon Compact Servo 18-80mm EF

The COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm T4.4 EF-mount lens combines the benefits of compact size and light weight (only 2.7 lbs.) for outstanding mobility. Designed to shoot video, this lens can be ideal for the cinematographer moving up from our EF lenses, combining the functionality of our EF lenses with the video shooting features of our Cinema lenses. More

Panasonic AG-DVX200
Panasonic AG-DVX200
Now Taking Orders for the new Panasonic AG-DVX200
This camera debuts as the world’s first 4/3-type large format, 4K/60p camcorder to feature an integrated zoom lens. The DVX200 captures stunning imagery by virtue of LEICA DICOMAR 4K 13x zoom lens combined with an advanced large format 4K imager and the blending of aesthetics like shallow focus, attractive Bokeh, and an amazing 12 stop dynamic range made possible by the VariCam style V-Log L processing. More

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